Satellite Transponder Solutions

We offer satellite transponder services for both Uplink and Downlink in Occasional Use and 24-hour formats through Ground Satellite Stations (Land Earth Stations), including Mobile Digital Satellite News Gathering (Mobile DSNG) services for transmitting audio and video signals in real-time from source to destination via international satellite signal channels. The services are characterized as follows:

  • Occasional Use Service on AsiaSat 5: Supports live broadcasting of sports events or various events.
  • Full Transponder 24-hour Service on Chinasat 12: Supports continuous 24-hour television signal usage.
  • ThaiCom 4 and ThaiCom 6 Satellite Signal Services:
    • Provided under the management and administration rights agreement of the satellite communication project within the country, which concluded between the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and the National Telecommunications Public Company Limited (NT).
    • In delivering the services, the Telemetry, Commanding, and Ranging (TCR) system is located at the ThaiCom Satellite Station in Klaeng. It is responsible for monitoring, controlling, and overseeing the operation of the ThaiCom satellites in orbit to ensure continuous and efficient functionality.
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