Maritime Solutions

Inmarsat Fleet One is a tracking system service for fishing vessels, passenger ships, and cargo vessels utilizing GPS tracking and telecommunications (Voice and Data) through the Inmarsat satellite system. NT provides this service directly in collaboration with partners in Thailand who are responsible for backend system operations, including software monitoring, SIM card procurement, and Fleet One equipment. This encompasses satellite signal channels from Inmarsat.

Moreover, NT offers registration number subscription services for data and voice transmission via Inmarsat satellite between both mobile and fixed network devices, such as Inmarsat Aero, Inmarsat A, Inmarsat B, Inmarsat C, Inmarsat M, Inmarsat mini M, and more. This includes:

  1. Point Service Activation (PSA): This service covers the registration of the Inmarsat Mobile Number (IMN) and the maintenance of monthly number subscriptions.
  2. Accounting Authority Identification Code (AAIC): This service involves receiving and processing payment calls from users registered in Thailand.
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